Avery Outdoor Gear

Avery Outdoor Gear

Avery Outdoor Gear first burst onto the scene in 1994 with the quick-set boat blind.  Since then, Avery Outdoors has become the leading brand in waterfowl hunting gear and equipment.  Their diverse line includes nearly everything a waterfowl hunter requires to care for and train his or her dogs both at home and in the field.  The majority of Avery Outdoors items are manufactured using their own camouflage patterns such as BuckBrush, Marsh Grass, and KW-1.  

At Avery Outdoors, products are developed with hunters in mind, because the Avery team is comprised of hunters.  No other brand has the same commitment to producing quality gear at affordable prices, which is why they are the leading manufacturer of sport dog items both domestically and abroad.  

The Avery Outdoor Gear product line is vast and has everything a waterfowler needs to train a successful gundog.  

The product line includes training gear, hunting gear, and dog equipment.  With products like the Avery EZ Bird, hunters will be able to train their dogs important retrieval skills such as a soft mouth, a reduced inclination to shake the bird, and the realistic size and weight of a game bird.

Avery also produces high-quality bumpers and dummies that are available in a number of materials, sizes, colors, and configurations.  The patented Hexabumper is the perfect training dummy that overcomes the disadvantages of traditional designs.  

Useful items for a dog in the field include travel food and water dishes, as well as indestructible storage bags for when hunter and dog are on the go.  Training supplies such as training scent, books, and DVDs are also available.  For the hunter, whistle lanyards, bumper bags, and game carriers / straps are also part of the product line.  If you are looking for trusted products that are built to last and keep the hunter’s needs in mind, look no further than Avery Outdoors.  

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