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Like most companies, LSP Webfoot Decoys got its start thanks to a little bit of luck – and fate.  One day, when Darrel Wise was 16 years old he became intrigued while watching a television show about goose hunting in his home state of Washington.  The show was sponsored by a local sporting goods store from his hometown.  Darrel began frequenting the store and soaking up as much goose hunting information as he could.  One day, a goose hunter invited Darrel along for a hunt.  The older hunter’s decoy spread consisted of handmade silhouette decoys, which enabled Darrel to shoot his first decoying goose, hooking him for life.  

As a student of the sport, Darrel sought as much information as he could about live geese and decoys.  He set to work producing his own silhouettes, numbering more than 60 in total, which would serve him well over the years.  

Unfortunately, when Darrel moved to a new manufacturing job, his prized silhouettes were lost in the move.  Thus, the idea for Real Geese was born.  The manufacturing company where he worked agreed to produce the silhouette decoys that Darrel designed, and to sell them to hunters.  The first advertisement for his decoys appeared in Wildfowl magazine in 1991, which sent hunters into a frenzy trying to order this superior product.   In the mid-90’s, Licensed Speciality Products purchased Real Geese from Darrel and his partners, and LSP Webfoot has been manufacturing the original design – with some important innovations – ever since.  

The Real Geese series overcome serious disadvantages experienced with competitor products.  They are lightweight, easy to stake, and weather proof.  Since purchasing the company from Darrel, LSP Webfoot has introduced improvements, such as the patented, non-reflective Pro Series line of decoys.  

The LSP Webfoot line of silhouette decoys includes well-revered products such as the confidence cow, Real Geese Magnum Lite 3D Goose Decoys, Real Geese Pro Series and Pro Series II, Mallard, Pintail, and Sandhill Crane decoys, as well as Snow and Specklebelly Goose versions.  Hunting with silhouette decoys is a proven method that has been documented for centuries – so why not use the best product on the market?

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