Dog First Aid - Canine First Aid Kits

One of the most important items a dog owner can have on hand is a canine first aid kit, particularly when in the field and far from home. Dogs can experience any number of illnesses or injuries during a hunt or training session, including dehydration, broken bones, cuts, and puncture wounds.

The canine first aid kits available here range from small and portable, containing a few staple items that can be stashed in your hunting vest or bag, to containing everything you would need to adequately address any type of emergency.

Trauma kits are perfect for hunters who frequently find themselves off the grid with their dogs, as they offer peace of mind by containing everything a hunter would require in order to address the most serious of situations.

Wound care packages are ideal for taking care of the most common sports dog injury – cuts and scrapes – and contain everything you need to flush, fill, and wrap a flesh wound.

Gun dog kits are made specifically with the needs of gun dogs in mind, such as cuts or porcupine quills. These kits also offer extra stow-and-go portability.

No matter your dog first aid needs, we are certain to have a comprehensive kit to care for any type of emergency situation!

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