Avery Canvas Dog Training Bumper
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Avery Canvas Bumper 3″ – Avery Canvas Dog Training Bumper

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Avery Canvas Dog Training Bumper Canvas 3″ – Retriever Training Dummy Dog Training Bumper

The Avery Canvas Dog Training Bumper is available in two diameters:  2’’ and 3’’.  The Avery Canvas 3’’ Training Bumper is designed for a larger dog, or one that has progressed in training and is learning how to handle larger game.  Canvas is the go-to material for scent training, as the material holds scent well.  Each Avery canvas bumper is wrapped in a rugged 900D DuraMax cover and has a center weight for level flotation.  This product will never take on water due to the valve-less design.  An attached, 10’’ braided throw rope enables longer throws for marks and retrieves, while the firmness of the bumper discourages a hard mouth.

There are three colors available:  white, orange, and flasher.  The white bumper is most popular, as it is visible against most backgrounds.  The orange bumper is a great choice for blind retrieves, since dogs cannot distinguish this color.  Finally, the flasher (half black and half white) is high-visibility for dogs and ideal for mark training.


  • 900D DuraMax cover
  • 10’’ braided throw rope
  • Center weighted
  • Level flotation
  • Will not take on water


  • 3’’ x 10’’
  • Available in orange, white, or flasher