Avery EZ Bird Wood Duck
Avery EZ Bird Wood Duck

Avery EZ Bird Wood Duck

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Avery EZ Bird Wood Duck

The Avery EZ Bird Wood Duck is a great tool for training your young dog to have good retrieving manners while acclimating him or her to the look, feel, and weight of a real bird. ?All Avery EZBirds are ? the size and weight of a real bird, which makes this training tool perfect for transitional training.

The EZBird Wood Duck is designed to have an anatomically perfect body with realistic coloring. ?The body of the bird is covered in puncture-proof, waterproof PVC, which guarantees this dummy will always float while also resisting mold and mildew. ?VGrips on the body help your dog hold the bird more easily, and promote a soft mouth.

The head of the Wood Duck is free-swinging from the body and is also soft and floatable. ?A double-knotted, slip-proof rope and LongThrow knob enable this dummy to be thrown long distances.


  • Anatomically perfect design
  • Realistic coloring
  • Puncture-proof PVC body
  • Waterproof
  • Floatable
  • Double Knotted Throw Rope
  • LongThrow Knob
  • VGrip Technology
  • Free-swinging, soft head
  • ? size and weight of real Wood Duck


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