Avery Heeling Stick
Avery Trainer's Heeling Stick

Avery Heeling Stick Dog Trainers Heeling Stick

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Avery Heeling Stick

Heeling sticks were the original tool for training a dog heel and stay, long before e-collars, check cords, and choke chains. ?The Avery Heeling Stick was designed according to the specifications of professional dog trainers. ?At 36?? inches long this heeling stick allows for quick, humane corrections from a short distance. ?With just the right amount of flex and rigidity, this product is the perfect training tool for basic obedience. ?

The Avery Trainer?s Heeling Stick is made from flexible fiberglass that is wrapped with polypropylene tape. ?The handle of the heeling stick is covered in ?tacky? grip, similar to that of a golf club handle. ?A wrist strap enhances comfort and usability. ?A black PVC tip is glued to the blaze orange stick.


  • Flexible polypropylene wrapped fiberglass rod
  • Golf-grip handle
  • Wrist strap
  • Appropriately flexible and rigid


  • 36?? long
  • Blaze orange rod
  • Black PVC tip


The Training Process:

There are few training tools as valuable to a trainer as a heeling stick! When used correctly at the right time, it can be the most effective form of correction there is.

Of primary importance when using a heeling stick is proper hold. If the stick is not held correctly, it is extremely hard to give a correction to your dog at the proper time. A heeling stick should be held in the hand on the same side your dog is heeled on. Grip the handle in the same manner you would grip an umbrella and lay it flat against your arm with the tip of the stick at your shoulder. The heeling stick is held in this manner to avoid bringing the stick up and then down when making a correction. The correction should be given straight down so your dog will not see any unnecessary movement.

When using a heeling stick to teach your dog to walk at heel, timing of a correction is of utmost importance. Assuming he has been taught properly to heel with a choke chain and a lead, teaching your dog to heel off lead using a heeling stick should be fairly easy.

If, while walking at heel, your dog’s front shoulders get in front of your leg he is heeled on, you should deliver a correction. The correction should be delivered to his hindquarter, and you should give the “heel” command after the correction. The dog should return back to the heel position. Walk forward again and give a correction and heel command if needed. Once the dog is proficient at walking straight lines at heel, you should move to figure eights. To offer your dog a greater challenge at hell, you can walk him past piles of bumpers or other dogs. If he gets out in front of you, you should deliver a crisp correction to his hindquarters followed by the “heel” command.

Now you don’t have to give a hard correction to the dog. The Avery Heeling stick is training tool not a tool used for punishment. You should only give enough correction to change the action of the dog. You should NOT here a vocalization when giving a correction to the dog.

With proper understanding on how to use the Avery Heeling stick, it can be the most affective training tool you use to teach your dog to heel of lead.

For more information on the use of a heeling stick, see our Blog Post – Heeling Stick – The Training Process.


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