Building a Retriever Drills and More by Carol F Cassity Book

Building a Retriever Drills and More by Carol F Cassity Book


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Building a Retriever – Drills and More by Carol F Cassity Book

With over forty drills and a section of best training practices and principles, Building A Retriever: Drills & More is a book that will help any retriever trainer develop their dog to his fullest potential. Each drill includes step-by-step directions, a diagram, problem / solution chart, materials list, and a rational description. Particular attention is paid to selecting drills that are within the means of most amateur trainers.



  •  Obedience, Line Work and Team Building
  •  Holding Blind Drill
  •  Clockwork
  •  Remember Me?
  •  Where’s Waldo
  •  Swing With The Gun
  •  Head – Swinging Drill



  •  X Marking Drill
  •  Walk-Away Marks
  •  Diversion Mark Drill
  •  Creamsicle
  •  Inline Marks
  •  Wipe-Out Marks
  •  Channel Marks
  •  ABCD Marking Drill
  •  Slot Marks
  •  Two-Along-The-Shore-Marks



  •  Ladder Blinds
  •  Wagon Wheel
  •  Push-Pull
  •  Pile Work – Problem and Solution Chart
  •  Pile Work – Baseball
  •  Pile Work – Back Pile
  •  Pile Work – T Drill
  •  Straight Back
  •  Back Vs. Angle Back Drill
  •  Come-In Whistle Drill
  •  Progressive Blinds – School Blinds
  •  Swish Drill
  •  Look Far
  •  Renegade Drill
  •  Blind Diversion Drill
  •  Cast Off
  •  Looking Glass
  •  W Drill
  •  Three In A Row
  •  Bird Boy Blinds
  •  Over Parallel To Shore
  •  Holding Blind Blinds
  •  Back Parallel To Shore
  •  Cast Over Into Water / Through An Obstacle
  •  Poison Bird
  •  Chair Drill
  •  Tune Up Drill



  • Definition of levels of training: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced
  •  A Quick Word about E-Collars
  •  Puppy Stuff – Marking Guidelines
  •  Force To Pile Sidebar
  •  Body English Sidebar
  •  Retriever Resources – Information
  •  Help Guidelines for Marks
  •  Jargon – What do they mean by that?
  •  Titles – What’s with all the letters?
  •  Tracking Your Training – training log examples
  •  Training Group Etiquette – What to do at training day!
  •  Hunt Test / Trial Etiquette – What to do at a test!
  •  Drill Log – Track Your Progress!
  •  The Best Stuff


MORE:  A collection of practical advice and principles of dog training

It’s A Team Sport; Dog training is A Marathon, Not a Sprint; A Commie Plot?

 A Mistake Does Not Equal Trouble; Read the Dog

 “Training is Fluid”; Put It All on the Line

 You Can’t Mark What You Can’t See; Balance

 The Law of Two; “What’s The Point?”; Throw Singles, Lots of Singles

 Don’t Hide the Candy; First, The Yard; Then, The Field

 Fix It Now!; Hey- I Won! Teach, Not Test and Other Training Tidbits


  • 136 pages, B/W, “Magazine Bound” soft-cover, illustrated.


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