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Garmin Pro Control II System - Remote Release System

Garmin Pro Control II System – Remote Release System


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Garmin PRO Control 2 Launcher System

When training your bird dog to flush, point, and mark in the field, your training is only as good as your best simulation.? When trying to coordinate multiple bird or dummy launchers at once for the most sophisticated training sessions, you?often spend more time setting up your systems than you do spending time with your dog.? In other instances, remote launching might not be an option, requiring you to stand next to the launcher at all times, or enlist the help of friends.? The Garmin PRO Control 2 Launcher System overcomes these problems by giving you complete wireless control of your launchers, with over a half mile range.?

This system includes a handheld device and remote receiver that uses trusted Tri-Tronics technology for precision and reliability.? The receiver can control two launchers at once, and with the purchase of additional remote receivers, you can program up to 18 launchers to release sequentially with the rapid launch mode.?

The handheld device is easy to use, allowing for single-hand control of mode selection, launcher control, and sound.? Additionally, the receiver is preloaded with 3 realistic sounds including the Duck Comeback, Hey, Hey, Hey command, and Tone.? Up to 15 additional sounds can be downloaded.?

The handheld device can be programmed to provide vibration, stimulation, and tone to up to 3 individual dog collar

?devices (Garmin Delta or PRO series), streamlining your training electronics.?


  • Control 2 launchers with 1 receiver
  • Control up to 18 launchers with additional receivers (sold separately)
  • ? mile range
  • Single hand control
  • 3 preloaded sounds
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery (included)
  • Water-rated to IPX7
  • Compatible with Garmin Delta or PRO training collars


  • Handheld device:? 2.1?? x 5.4?? x 1.1??
  • Handheld device:? 3.7 oz
  • Handheld device display:? LCD
  • Handheld device:? 80 hour battery life
  • Remote receiver:? 4.3?? x 3.0?? x 2.2??
  • Remote receiver:? 7.4 oz
  • Remote receiver:? audio range of 400 yards
  • Remote receiver:? 200 launch battery life


  • Additional sounds can be downloaded at Garmin Express
  • Garmin Delta Series dog collar
  • Garmin PRO Series dog collar


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