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Ruff Tough Kennel Intermediate Double Door Dog Crate



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Ruff Tough Kennel Intermediate Double Door Dog Crate Kennel by Ruff Tough Kennel

Are you looking for a trusted product that has been touted by dog training professionals as one of the best dog kennels on the market?  The Ruff Tough Kennel Intermediate Double Door was the first product manufactured by Ruff Tough Kennels, and indeed the item that sparked the brand’s popularity.

The Ruff Tough Kennels Intermediate Dog Kennel is built to last, thanks to its unique manufacturing from a single piece of molded, UV stabilized polyethylene.  A double swing composite door provides visibility for your dog, while 1 ⅜’’ ventilation holes on the side of the kennel ensure airflow  Two finger holes in the back of the kennel also provide ventilation.  Like other Ruff Tough Kennels, this product can be stacked on top of other Ruff Tough crates, or tied down in the bed of a truck with the purchase of additional accessories.  Exterior dimensions are 30.5’’L x 20’’W x 22.5’’H, while the interior is 30’’L x 19.5’’W x 22’’H.

Perhaps most impressive is the extreme durability of this kennel.  Extensive testing has shown that products in the Ruff Tough line can withstand multiple falls from 12’, car accidents, and close-range shootings.


  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Double swing kennel door
  • 1 ⅜’’ ventilation holes


  • Exterior:  30.5’’L x 20’’W x 22.5’’H
  • Interior:  30’’L x 19.5’’W x 22’’H
  • Floor Dimensions:  26 6/8’’ x 17 ½’’
  • 20 lbs


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