Ruff Tough Kennel XLarge
Ruff Tough Kennel - XLarge (500)

Ruff Tough Kennel XLarge (500) XL Dog Crate



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Ruff Tough Kennel XLarge (500) Dog Kennel Crate

The Ruff Tough Kennel XLarge dog kennel is the largest crate that Ruff Tough has to offer, with 28’’ of available height for your pet.  This crate offers full exterior dimensions are 40 ¼’’L x 22 ¼’’W x 30.5’’H with interior measurements of 39’’L x 22’’W x 28’’H.  

Despite the extra height and width, this Ruff Tough Kennel XLarge has all the same features that dog owners have come to expect from the brand.  The crate is molded from a single piece of UV stabilized polyethylene, which imparts superior durability.  Extensive impact tests have shown that this crate can withstand being dropped from a height of 12’, as well as being shot at from close range.  Satisfied customers have reported car accidents where both dog and crate were uninjured.

Despite its large size, the Ruff Tough XL Kennel weighs only 42 lbs, making portability to and from your  vehicle as easy as possible.  Ventilation holes that are 1 ⅜’’ diameter provide airflow for your pet along the sides of the kennel, as do 2 finger holes in the back.  A composite double swing door on the front of the unit provides visibility and security for your dog.  Like all Ruff Tough crates, this kennel is stackable and with the addition of their tie-down accessories can be tied down in the bed of a truck or the back of your SUV for additional safety.


  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Double swing kennel door
  • 1 ⅜’’ ventilation holes


  • Exterior:  40 ¼’’L x 22 ¼’’W x 30.5’’H
  • Interior:  39’’L x 22’’W x 28’’H
  • Floor Dimensions:  38 ½’’ x 19’’
  • 42 lbs

Ships directly from the manufacturer, usually within 1-3 weeks.


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