SportDog Bark Control – SBC-6 – No Bark Collar

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SportDog Bark Control SBC-6 – Sport Dog Bark Collar

The SportDog Bark Control SBC-6 overcomes many limitations of no bark collars that are currently on the market, namely unfair correction and user difficulty determining the proper level of static stimulation for a dog.

The SportDog Bark Control SBC-6 has six levels of automatic, dog-determined correction.  This no bark collar detects barking by recognizing vocal cord vibration via a Vibration Sensor Probe.  A dog will never be unfairly corrected again for the sound of another dog’s bark.  The NoBark SBC-6 then administers correction at the lowest level possible and gradually increases the level of correction until barking ceases.  Every time the correction level is raised, an audible tone will sound.  After barking has ceased for more than 30 seconds, the collar will reset itself to the lowest level of static stimulation.  This product is ideal for dog owners that wish to humanely overcome nuisance barking.  

A built in safety feature prevents overcorrection by automatically shutting off the collar for 3 minutes if more than 15 barks are detected within a 50 second time period.  This feature is especially useful for dog owners that would still like their pet to maintain alert-dog tendencies.  

Like all SportDog products, this no bark collar is durable and waterproof.  It is intended for dogs that weigh more than 8 lbs and have neck sizes 5’’ – 22’’.  Replaceable lithium ion batteries last 3 – 6 months.  Included in the box are the NoBark SBC-6 collar, a black collar strap, batteries, a test light tool, and an operating guide.  


  • Six levels of correction
  • Vibration sensor probe
  • Progressive static stimulation
  • Resets after 30 seconds of no barking
  • Built-in safety feature prevents overcorrection
  • For dogs 8+ lbs
  • For neck sizes 5’’ – 22’’
  • 1.5 oz
  • Receiver dimensions: 2.25’’ L x 1.10’’ W x 1.50’’ D
  • Lifetime Warranty


Download the Manual Here

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