Banded Gear

Banded Gear

A relative newcomer to the industry, Banded Gear was founded in 2010 with a mission to create the most comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and practical waders on the market.  Extensive research and development has led to scientifically advanced wader material that is breathable, functional, and durable.  

However, Banded didn’t simply stop at waders.  They devoted the same attention to an entire line of waterfowl gear.  Useful, well-made items include bags and gun cases, game calls, hunting accessories, hunting blinds, and dog parkas.  

Banded duck calls like the PD-1 have an impressive cult-like following due to the attention that has been paid to detail and functionality.  This call is guaranteed to have precise volume, pitch, and tone that replicates that of a mallard hen.  The Arkansas-style single reed design provides the sound needed to bring an entire flock of ducks your way.

Other products have intuitive and thoughtful design.  For instance, blind bags like the Banded Hammer Floating Blind Bag have spacious storage capacity for all of your field gear, while also imparting durability and the additional perk of floatability in a camouflaged package.  Banded gear is truly designed with the needs of a hunter in mind!

When in the field, the Banded gear gun stick is another indispensable item.  This product allows a hunter to hunt “hands free” in water as deep as 3’.  The gun stick will also anchor in sand, mud, or on hard ground.  This convenient storage tool improves the ability to hunt out of duck or deer blinds, enhancing convenience and keeping the gun safe from mud, dirt, and water.  

The rest of the product line contains the same advantages as the products described here.  They are convenient, tough, and ready for action.  Hunters can rest assured knowing their Banded products are made with extreme attention to detail and an eye towards functionality.  

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