Hunting Supplies

You have your dog trained, your gun ready to go, and a great hunting location lined up; but are you ready to hunt? At HuntEmUp we have all of your last-minute hunting supplies that will make life easier in the field.

We offer a variety of dog blinds and stands guaranteed to keep your dog hidden and comfortable on both the land and in water.

Dog vests keep your dog warm, protected, and camouflaged, and are perfect for all types of hunting in extreme conditions.

Hunting bags offer a convenient storage area when you’re in the field or on a hunt, and we have a wide variety of models available, including ones that float. Don’t forget a durable dog food bag for your pet’s meals, either.

The lanyards that we offer can hold 1 – 4 calls or whistles, meaning you will never misplace your whistle or game call again with this handy item.

If you are hunting during especially cold or inclement weather, a kennel cover is a necessity for your dog. Whether you are searching for something insulating or a cover that will simply keep wind and rain off your pet, we have an option that’s right for you.

If you have a long way to travel with your gun, don’t forget a gun sling. This item will reduce muscle weariness and stress while transporting your long gun into the field.

Finally, a game strap or game carrier provides a convenient way to carry and hang your downed birds or small game from your vest or waders.

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