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Moore Outdoors

Jeremy Moore of Moore Outdoors and the DogBone brand has over 15 years of dog training experience.  His unique training style helps hunters maximize their dog’s potential naturally without use of excessive force, fear, or avoidance.  Instead, he focuses on positive reinforcement and low-pressure training.  His line of DogBone products was born from his own experiences and frustrations while training shed dogs, leading to the manufacture of products that are trusted by both amateur and professional dog trainers alike.  Since the conception of DogBone, these innovative products have been at the forefront of the deer dog revolution.  

Jeremy Moore has an impressive resume, which should lend confidence to anyone using a DogBone product in their shed dog training.  He has contributed his expertise to numerous media outlets regarding shed dog training and hunting.  For instance, he has been featured on the “Developing your Deer Dog” segment for North American Whitetail Television, as well as made appearances on NAW TV, Midwest Whitetails, Headhunters TV, Raised Hunting, Outdoor Wisconsin, and We Love it Outdoors.  He has also made print contributions to publications such as Whitetails Unlimited, Safari Club International, North American Whitetail, Legendary Whitetails, and GunDog Magazine.  

The products that DogBone offers have been specifically designed to overcome real training problems that have been encountered by professional dog trainers.  The main goal in the development of DogBone has been to enable amateur hunters to train their shed dogs themselves.  Available products include soft retrieving antlers, shed antler scent, shed antler retrieving systems, and shed dog training materials.  

In addition to these products, bloodtrail scent and game recovery training systems are also available from DogBone.  Ultimately, if you are looking for quality products that are made in the United States that you can trust when training your retriever, look no further than Moore Outdoors / DogBone.  

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