Dog Training Bumpers & Retriever Training Dummies

Dog Training Bumpers & Retriever Training Dummies 

No other dog training item is as quintessential for the gundog as a dog training bumper or retriever training dummy.  At HuntEmUp, we understand that a hunter can never have too many bumpers or dummies and that each unique item has its own special purpose in the dog training toolkit.  This is why we offer one of the widest selections of bumpers and retrievers on the market.

Our selection includes Dokken DeadFowl Trainers, which realistically mimic the size, weight, and look of a real bird while offering additional training features, such as a hard, free swinging head and soft body.

Plastic and canvas bumpers get your dog started on the right paw by providing a simple and easy way to practice retrieves and build confidence before moving on to more elaborate dummies.  

Avery EZ Birds are available in a variety of waterfowl and upland bird motifs that are anatomically correct with realistic paint schemes.  Soft bodies, bobble heads, and durable throw ropes make this dummy a great addition to your training arsenal.

Launcher dummies are also available, which are for use with your bird or dummy launcher.  Whether you are looking for an item that is simple and similar to a bumper, or elaborate and realistic like a dummy, we have the right option for your needs.

After you find the right dog training bumpers and retriever training dummies for your needs, don’t forget the bumper bag and training scent wax, which can be found with the dog training kits.   


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