Gun Dog House Door

Gun Dog House Door

Gun Dog House Door company gives your dog the best of both worlds:  access to the house, but also access to the yard and outdoors.  These house doors aren’t your typical, flimsy dog doors.  Instead, Gun Dog House Door produces heavy duty items that seamlessly meld with the interior and exterior of your home.  

The doors from Gun Dog House Door are high quality and heavy duty.  Products like the Heavy Duty Dog Door have heavy duty spring hinges, ¼’’ clear plexiglass, a die cast aluminum frame, and an opening large enough for most sporting breeds.  All Gun Dog House Doors are weather tight and energy efficient, as well as indestructible and chew proof.  They are easy to install, and work two ways to allow dogs to come both in and out.  Many pet doors do not have this two-way functionality.  Also unlike other pet door products, Gun Dog House Door offers a lifetime warranty on their products.  

Other products from Gun Dog House Door include the Big Dog Door, which has many of the same features as the Heavy Duty Dog Door, but with a frame that opens one way, and plexiglass that allows for movement in the opposite direction.  For kennel owners and operators, the Gun Dog House Door Guillotine is also an option.  This product utilizes a pulley system to open and close remotely, allowing dogs to enter or exit their kennels into the yard.  

A number of accessories are also available from Gun Dog House Door to help owners get the most out of their house doors.  For instance, trim kits are available to improve the look of your house door and help it better match your home’s exterior.  Closing panels are also available, which prevent a dog from using the door during extreme weather conditions or times when you would prefer your dog stays either in or out.

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