Pet ID Tags & Plates

Pet ID Tags and Brass Name Plates

A Pet ID tag or brass name plate is the simplest way to ensure your dog makes it home in case he or she ever gets lost.  The following information should always be listed on your Pet ID Tags & Plates:

Contact Information – If someone finds your dog, he or she is going to want to call you, not send an email or drive to your home address.  List every number possible, including cell, home, and work phones, as well as a close friend or family member who could help in an emergency.

Your name – If the finder of your dog is calling, he or she needs to know your name, especially if calling a work or shared phone number.  While it seems like a good idea to put  your dog’s name on the tag, you should really avoid doing so, for your pet’s safety.  Potential thieves use this information to gain your dog’s trust.  

Needs Meds – Even if your dog does not require daily medication, this line is a good insurance policy that someone will not keep your dog and will have a sense of urgency in getting your pet back to you.

Reward if Found – This line is another good strategy for getting your lost dog back to you.  Just be sure you have the ability to provide a reward if your dog is ever found!

Admittedly, this is a lot of information for one tag, which is why many hunters choose multiple tags or plates to ensure all the proper information is included.

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