Innotek Training Solutions

Innotek provides a complete line of innovative electronic solutions that combine cutting edge technology and dog training to help you get the most out of your sport dog.  Regardless of whether your pet is sensitive or stubborn, Innotek has an electronic solution that will fit your (and your dog’s) individual training needs.  

Innotek training collars are specifically designed with hunting and sporting dogs in mind to help them learn faster and hunt smarter.  An exciting offering is the Innotek Smart Dog SD-3000 Basic Contain ‘N Train System.  Why mess with multiple remote transmitters and receiver collars when you can use one convenient training tool for two purposes?  This electronic collar offers cutting edge technology to keep your dog contained within a 5 acre area while also providing the ability to administer corrections to your pet for training purposes.  The dual training and containment system can be operated in three modes:  contain only, train only, and combination.  With a number of available features such as stimulation and tone modes, these products help you train your dog in less time.

Other available products include fencing accessories such as additional boundary wire, lightning / surge protectors, collar charging stations, wire and flag kits, and pet barriers.  Pet barriers offer unique solutions for helping you keep your dog away from areas within your house and yard, such as the garden or a specific room in the house.  Simply set up the barrier, attach the provided collar to your dog, and the wireless technology will set up a 2’ – 12’ “keep away” zone.  Additionally, no-bark collars are also available from Innotek.  Despite the small size of this product (often billed as the world’s smallest bark collar), the Innotek BC-200 no bark collar provides the powerful technology that they are known for in order to control nuisance barking.  

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