WysiWash was founded by Ken Hungerford and Duncan Dowling as a way to improve the lives of both humans and animals through better sanitation.  The need for a disinfecting system such as WysiWash was made apparent after Hungerford became familiar with the challenges his mother faced while working with animal rescue organizations, where proper sanitation was a very real concern and could mean the difference between life and death for an animal.  

A prototype product was tested in Hungerford’s dog training facilities and both Hungerford and Dowling were impressed by how effective and easy to use appeared.  They patented the product and continued to develop it into the renowned system that WysiWash is today, which finds utility in kennels, schools, food processing facilities, and among maintenance professionals worldwide.  

What is WysiWash?  This innovative product is a powerful and fast-acting disinfectant that can be used to kill viruses, fungi, and bacteria.  It is the ultimate cleaning solution that is not only pet safe, but also economical and eco-friendly.  Indeed, this system is 120 times more powerful than bleach, but only a fraction of the price.

WysiWash is easy to use.  For sanitation, simply attach the sanitizer bottle to a garden hose and spray the area that needs disinfecting.  Afterwards, no rinsing is necessary and the area is immediately safe for both humans and animals.   

Unlike other cleaners, WysiWash sanitizer is a pH neutral chlorine generator.  There are no chemicals to mix or fumes that could be inhaled, and the product is guaranteed to be safe thanks to the innovative dispensing technology.  The disinfecting power is due to chlorine, which quickly kills germs on the surface but then volatilizes into the air.  Extensive testing has ensured both the safety and effectiveness of this product, making it the perfect solution for any dog-friendly area that requires heavy duty cleaning.  

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