Ruff Land Kennels / Ruff Tough Kennels

Ruff Land Kennels / Ruff Tough Kennels

As both dog lovers and owners of a rotational molding plastics manufacturing company, the notion of creating a better dog crate seemed like a no-brainer.  After identifying an obvious need on the market for a highly durable kennel that fit better into the backseat of a car or truck than the traditional offerings, Ruff Tough Kennels was born now known as Ruff Land Kennels.  

The secret to the super durable crate is the manner in which it is manufactured.  The body of the kennel is made from a single piece of continuous plastic.  The outside dimensions of the crate were able to be made smaller in this manner, which resulted in a stronger and superior item.  Additional features such as double doors, the ability to couple kennels together or tie them down securely in the bed of a truck, and convenient stack-ability put Ruff Tough Kennels / Ruff Land Kennels on the map.  Ultimately, their products save dog owners time, money, and stress.  

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Ruff Land Kennels is the testing that each product has undergone.  The original Ruff Land Kennel was impact tested by being dropped from a height of 12 feet.  After this first fall, the manufacturers were impressed by the lack of noticeable damage.  After four consecutive falls from this height the only damage sustained were grass stains and a few scratches from the concrete.  

The next test was to see how well the kennel endured being shot at from close range.  The kennel endured abuse from a full choke of number 6’s at a distance of approximately 15 paces.  Few bullets penetrated the kennel from this distance, and the rest were buried in the plastic material.  Over time, Ruff Tough Kennels / Ruff Land Kennels has received testimonials from happy customers who have reported horrific car accidents that dogs were able to walk away from unscathed only because they were protected by a legendary Ruff Land Kennel.  

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