Hunt Test & Field Trial Supplies

When training for hunt tests and field trials, certain items are necessary in order to ensure your dog is properly conditioned and prepared. Here, we offer items that will make your hunt test and field trial training easier and more effective for both you and your pet.

One of the most beneficial items is the remote dummy launcher, which allows hunters to set up unique drills to mimic the scenarios that might be encountered during a test or trial. Holding blinds and winger hides conceal wingers, launchers, bird boys, and retired gunners. Don’t forget winter tubing, which can be purchased in 25’ – 100’ lengths.

Poppers and blanks, such as Fiocchi Primer Poppers which are the type used by most HRC hunt tests, are available here. Gun stands and gun sticks that are approved for use at Hunt Tests and Field Trials can be purchased in order to round out your training needs.

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