Hunting Decoys

There is no such thing as a hunting decoy that is too real; however, there are plenty of decoys that immediately give themselves away as being fake. Is it time to retire your flock of broken Mallard ducks? At HuntEmUp we have the best decoys to complete your spread.

Our large selection of duck decoys include silhouette decoys, floating decoys, motorized options with flapping or spinning wings, and even a confidence cow. These decoys are so realistic, you won’t believe they’re not real. Similar items are available for other game bird hunters, as well. Our goose decoys also include the ever-popular goose magnet.

Our motion decoys give you the option of creating realistic movements to bring animals your way. Whether creating waves, attracting predators, or tricking pigeons, doves or crows we have an option that is right for your needs.

If you are hunting big game, such as Elk or Deer, we offer decoys that are as affordable as they are convenient.

Finally, predator decoys, such as fox and coyote, are perfect accompaniments for your hunt, or simply to keep critters out of your garden.

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