Shed Dog Antler Tracking

Shed dog antler tracking is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing canine sports, and for good reason. Any type of dog can participate, handlers do not require expensive equipment or training, and antlers can be found anywhere deer roam. At HuntEmUp, we have everything you need in order to get your dog started with this fun activity.

We offer a wide selection of Tom Dokken items, which have been designed by the leader in shed dog training and hunting himself. Whether you are looking for a training manual, DVD, training equipment, or antler cleaning and storage supplies, we have you covered.

We also carry training kits from Moore Outdoors which consist of everything required to easily transition your trained retriever or gundog to seamlessly pick up the skills required to excel as a shed dog.

Whether you intend to train your dog for North American Shed Hunting Dog Association trials or simply for the fun of tracking down antlers during a hike, we have everything you need to enjoy this fun activity.

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