Dokken Rack Wax - Shed Dog Antler Wax
Dokken's Rack Wax - Shed Dog Antler Wax

Dokken Rack Wax – Shed Dog Antler Wax

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Dokken Rack Wax – Shed Dog Antler Wax

Dokken Rack Wax, helping you train your shed dog. Shed antler hunting is quickly becoming the fastest growing canine sporting activity in North America, and with good reason. Few other sport dog activities can be enjoyed by individuals with nearly any type of dog, regardless of pedigree. However, when it comes to training your shed dog, it is important to use the highest quality products available. 

A limitation to shed hunting training is that shed antlers do not have as strong an odor as traditional game, such as waterfowl. To teach a dog how to best detect shed antlers, a high quality, concentrated scent product should be used during the beginning stages of training in order to help the dog hone in on this unique smell. That is where Dokken Rack Wax comes in. 

Dokken Rack Wax is produced from the scent of whitetail deer antlers. Developed and used by Tom Dokken – world renowned retriever and shed dog trainer – Dokken Rack Wax is a must-have item for anyone training his or her dog to hunt for bone. This product is 100% natural, meaning your dog will never be confused by man-made scents that wouldn’t be found in the field. Simply apply the wax product liberally to the base of an antler dummy, training silhouette, or even a shed antler to reinforce your dog’s shed hunting skills.

Dokken’s Rack Wax comes in a convenient chap-stick like tube that makes application and storage easy. Wax can be applied to any training tool directly in the field, and then the tube can be stored in your field bag for future use. Like all scented-wax products, Dokken Rack Wax is made to last through multiple training sessions and it will not wash off in rain or snow. This feature allows for the replication of realistic training scenarios in all weather conditions.


  • Scent of whitetail deer antler
  • 100% natural
  • Chapstick-like application
  • Water / Weather resistant
  • Endorsed by Tom Dokken
  • 1.5 oz
  • NASHDA  Approved Training Product



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Tom Dokken was first on the market with is Dead Fowl Trainer Mallard and quickly followed up with a complete line of Dead Fowl Waterfowl and Upland Trainers. Be sure to watch the videos above for some great tips and tricks for teaching your shed tracking dog to find and retrieve shed antlers this season!


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