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Ready Dog First Aid was founded because of a situation that could have easily turned tragic.  One morning, Jet – the black lab that inspired the company’s beginnings – injured himself during an early training session.  Jet encountered a broken glass bottle that had been submerged in a lake.  This chance meeting resulted in a severe cut that lacerated two tendons and an artery in his leg.  Jet’s owner was utterly unprepared for such an occurrence.  The only aid he was able to provide was to create a makeshift bandage and tourniquet from a sweatshirt and a dirty piece of rope.  In order to save Jet’s life, he transported the dog to a human emergency room because time was running out due to the nearly lethal amount of blood that was lost.  Although the story has a happy ending – Jet survived, despite a lifelong limp – Jet’s owner realized how unprepared he was for a traumatic injury and vowed to never be caught in this situation again.  

The first aid kits that Ready Dog First Aid offer are not the same as your typical first aid kits.  Unlike traditional kits, which offer support for minor injuries, a Ready Dog First Aid kit will give you the tools required to stabilize any serious injury or trauma when veterinary care is not immediately available.  

The sad reality is that anything can happen when in the field, whether training or hunting, and many dog owners are unprepared.  Especially when hunting off the grid, the chances of a dog owner being able to stabilize his or her pet in time without the use of a dedicated first aid kit are slim.  If you are a hunter, trainer, or trialer, you will likely encounter an injury that needs immediate attention at some point in your dog’s lifetime.  Why not be Ready?   

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