Kicks Choke Tubes

Kicks Choke Tubes

Kicks Industries is based in Sylvania, Georgia and is a family owned and operated business.  With three generations of hunting and shooting experience and more than 70 years of combined precision manufacturing experience, it is safe to say that Kicks Choke Tubes are manufactured with the unique, high performance needs of different types of hunters in mind.  In fact, Kick’s Choke Tubes are produced with such precision and attention to detail that these products are highly sought after by both sport shooters and hunters alike.  

The award-winning choke tubes produced by Kick’s Industries are unparalleled in comparison to any other product on the market.  Regardless of whether you are a hunter or a sport shooter, a choke tube is available to enhance your patterns, elevate your scores, and provide superior results versus the competitors.  

All Kick’s Choke Tubes are precision machined on digitally controlled equipment to meet the highest tolerance and quality standards.  Each choke tube is made from 17-4 PH grade stainless steel and have a unique conical / parallel internal design.  An identifying characteristic of a Kick’s Choke Tube is the outward angled diagonal port, which, in combination with the other unique features will improve pattern density up to 20%.  Do you need another reason to switch to Kick’s?  The extended ported section of the choke tube increases the speed of follow up shots and improves accuracy by reducing muzzle jump and recoil.  

Kick’s Industries has a choke tube for any possible requirement.  Competitive shooter?  The Smoke Competition Choke Tube is for you.  Waterfowler?  Check out the Vortex or High Flyer Choke Tubes.  Deer Hunter?  The Buck Kicker Choke Tube is best for your needs.  

Kicks Choke Tubes aren’t just another set of choke tubes on the market; they are high quality, dependable products that come with a lifetime warranty on all parts and workmanship.  

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