Carlson Pet Products

Carlson Pet Products was born out of necessity to overcome the lack of quality pet gates on the market.  While many pet owners were using baby gates to contain their dogs, the founders of Carlson Pet Products realized this solution wasn’t ideal.  They set forth to produce a product that has defined their brand:  an all-steel, chew-proof, non-toxic, intuitively designed pet gate.  The success of this initial item has led to an entire line of products geared towards dogs of all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles.  Whether you are looking for a gate that is too tall to jump over, one that is low enough to step over (while still containing your pet), a design that is flexible enough to fit within unusually shaped areas of the house or yard, or one that is wide enough to cover non-traditional openings, Carlson Pet Products has a product for your needs.  

Most Carlson pet gates fit into doorways via expandable tension, in a similar manner as baby gates.  The Flexi line has the option of creating a unique configuration for your needs.  Additional products are available, such as stand alone pet yards.  In addition to the standard white pet gate, the Carlson Design Studio line offers a more upscale and stylish option to fit with home decor.  

A patented feature on most gates manufactured by Carlson Pet Products is a front door for small pets to pass through.  This design is perfect when smaller animals in the house, such as cats, are allowed greater access to the house while a larger pet is contained.  Additionally, the pet door can be used to allow the contained animal out of confinement without having to disassemble the gate.  

Gate extension pieces are also available that can be used to customize and extend your Carlson pet gate.  The extension pieces seamlessly increase the width of the gate while providing the same great features such as chew-proof durability, stainless steel construction, and non-toxic materials.  Whether you need to extend your gate by 4’’ or 24’’, Carlson Pet Products has a solution!

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