Mud River Dog Products

Mud River Dog Products

Mud River dog products are produced by a team of dog lovers and hunting enthusiasts.  They understand that for your dog to perform best, your dog must feel his or her best.  Wouldn’t you want your prized hunting products to be made by people just like you who cannot wait for the mercury to drop so they can spend as much time as possible in the field?  Every product refinement developed by Mud River for their dog products is an innovation, making their merchandise unparalleled.  

The mission at Mud River is to enhance product performance while providing superior gear to the customer who has quality in mind.  After you experience a Mud River dog product, your expectations will be higher thanks to the passion and cumulative knowledge of hunting and dog training that the Mud River team brings to the table.  

What are the innovative dog products that Mud River has to offer?  Their memory foam lounge cushion and crate pad provides superior comfort and durability for your pet, resulting in a dog that has healthier joints.  The Mud River line of seat covers, ranging from a single seat to the entire cargo area, keeps your car clean and dry no matter the conditions experienced in the field.  Heavy duty dog food bags and collapsible bowls keep your pet well fed during weekend-long excursions, while handler and bumper bags give you a place to store your gear.  

Don’t forget the Mud River bumper, which is a must have for any retriever’s training.  The Mud River kennel covers can’t be beat, due to their utilitarian versatility.  Finally, every hunter needs a reliable place to store his or her small items.  That is the beauty of the Mud River Truck Seat organizer, which conveniently provides a storage area for all of a hunter’s many necessities.  


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