Mud River Mud River Small Canvas Bumper- Dog Training Dummy
Mud River 2" Canvas Bumper - Dog Training Dummy

Mud River Small Canvas Bumper 2″ Dog Training Dummy

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Mud River Small Canvas Bumper

One of the most important training tools a trainer will use with his or her retriever is a bumper.  There are many schools of thought on the proper size and material for bumpers.  The Mud River Small Canvas Bumper has a number of advantageous qualities, such as the ability to have scent injected into them as well as being easier for small dogs to pick up in their mouths. As a general rule of thumb, hunters should utilize bumpers of all shapes, sizes, and colors in order to create a well-rounded dog.

The Mud River 2’’ Bumpers are made from durable 100% cotton canvas.  The nylon throw rope is attached to the bumper through a reinforced brass grommet.  The interior is filled with foam and the bumper is sand weighted to reproduce the perfect throwing weight.


Save with the purchase of a 3-pack.


  • Brass grommet for nylon throw rope
  • Foam interior
  • Sand weighted
  • 100% cotton canvas material



  • Orange
  • Natural
  •  2’’ diameter
  • Available in a 3-pack



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