Dog Tracking Collars

No matter how well-trained your dog is, a tracking collar provides important peace of mind when you let your dog loose for long-range retrieves or trailing. Never worry about your dog getting lost in the woods again with a GPS-enabled dog tracking collar. These sophisticated collars – many of which also double as a dog training collar – give you the ability to pinpoint your dog’s exact location in the field, even in dense cover.

In addition to GPS-enabled dog tracking collars, beeper collars are also available. These devices help you keep track of your dog when he or she is out of your line of sight by emitting an audible tone. Different collars have different functionalities, such as emitting varying tones to distinguish whether your dog is running or on point, and some beeper collars will emit different tones for different dogs. Whether you are tracking one dog or twenty, there is a dog tracking collar suitable for your needs.

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