Game Calls

A successful hunt is reliant on bringing your game within range, which can’t be done without a good game call. At HuntEmUp, we offer the most realistic game calls and decoys on the market guaranteed to send ducks, geese, turkey, and other critters your way.

We offer products suited to every hunter’s style. Here you can find traditional game calls that use a reed and the air you blow to mimic the sound of a hen or an animal in distress. Other game call options include battery powered units that fit in your pocket, can be hung from a tree, or placed as live bait and can run for days. If you are hunting feline or canine predators, one exciting option that we offer is remote control game call and decoy duos. These items combine realistic movement and sound to draw out even the wariest of animals.

Whether you are looking for a traditional game call, such as a duck call made from a single reed in the Arkansas style, or something more unique like a remote controlled jackrabbit, we are sure to have an item that fits your needs.

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