Dakota 283 - Good Ideas Inc.

Dakota 283 – Good Ideas Inc.

The mission of Dakota 283 pet products is to create new and innovative plastic products.  Located in Lake City, PA, all of their pet products are manufactured in the United States.  Good Ideas Inc utilizes a manufacturing process with BPA-free LLDPE (polyethylene) to create durable items that are able to withstand all forms of environmental conditions and abuse.  

The most popular pet product from Good Ideas Inc is the Kennebec Kennel, of which there are three varieties:  the original, the NG (next generation) and the G3 (generation 3).  Regardless of the model, all of the Kennebec Kennels have a handful of important qualities in common:  they are virtually indestructible, they are made in the USA, and they are designed to keep your dog safe.  

Other products from Good Ideas Inc include the Dine N Dash and the Groom-Pro Pet Tub.  Like the Kennebec Kennels, these items are designed to improve the way that humans and animals interact.  The Dine N Dash is a portable food and water bowl that overcomes the limitations of similar products on the market by being indestructible with a high capacity for both food and water.  The Groom-Pro Pet Tub is a convenient all-in-one product that can be used in numerous settings for cleaning and grooming any size dog.  

All Good Ideas Inc products are manufactured with a rotational molding process that results in an item made from a single piece of plastic.  There is no gluing of multiple parts or risk of damage from being dropped or run over with a vehicle.  To give an idea of just how tough these products are, the manufacturing process is the same as what is used for military grade cargo containers and fuel cells.  If you are looking for a well-made plastics product from a company committed to US manufacturing, look no further than Dakota 283 and Good Ideas Inc!

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