DT Systems

DT Systems

What does DT stand for in DT Systems?  For some, this abbreviation might mean “dog tested,” while for others it definitely stands for “dog tough.”  Whatever you believe, the following statement is true:  DT Systems has produced some of the most durable, long-lasting, and dependable electronic dog training products on the market.  

DT Systems first brought quality dog training products to the scene in 1983 with a product line that was designed to outlast and outperform all the current offerings from their competitors, under the toughest of training conditions.  For the DT Systems team, hunting is a passion that has inspired the development of all their products.  Each item undergoes years of research, field testing, and design feedback at the hands of the DT Professional Trainers which comprise a large component of the DT. team.  Since the livelihood of these pro trainers depends on quality products, you can rest assured that every item that is sold is built to last as failure is not an option in this industry.

Since 1983 DT Systems has been at the heart of innovation, always releasing cutting edge technology before their competitors.  Features such as Digital Microcomputer Technology, remote-controlled adjustment of intensity levels, Vibration Assist, the 360 degree MAXX-Range Internal Antenna System, and the Jump Stimulation feature were all pioneered by DT Systems.  

The DT product line is diverse.  Electronic training collars, no bark collars, and beeper collars round out their line of training devices.  Whether you are looking for a product for your gundog with a long, 1-mile range or a simpler collar suitable for obedience with 900 yard functionality, DT has you covered.  Other products in their line of dependable electronics include bird and dummy launchers which are guaranteed to take your dog’s training to the next level!

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