Dog Training Equipment

Every hunter knows that successful dog training requires high quality, durable training equipment. Here you will find:

Bumpers and Dummies that are perfect for all canine life stages and training phases. Whether you are looking for a simple training bumper that floats or a realistic dummy that does the training for you, you can find it here.

Dog Whistles that are loud enough to be heard in extreme weather conditions while still protecting your ears. Don’t forget a Whistle / Call Lanyard to ensure your whistle or call is never misplaced again.

Retired Gunners that allow you to set up more complicated training scenarios in the field.

British Style Slip Leads that allow for easy correction while working double duty as a collar and lead.

Dog Leashes that fulfill every hunter’s needs, from general use to field trials to training exercises.

Check Cords that are useful when steadying your dog to wing and shot.

Dog Training / Tracking Scents that are potent and made from all-natural essences that will enhance your dog’s ability to focus in the field.

Stickmen that allow for greater versatility during training to set up more complicated field scenarios.

Trainers / Handlers Bags that enable you to carry all of your necessary field gear comfortably.

Dog Training Kits and Puppy Training Kits that contain everything you need to get your gun dog started right, including bumpers and training scents.

Dummy Launchers that fit every budget to enable training on long marks and retrieves.

Poppers & Blank Loads that are necessary for conditioning your dog to gunfire and minimizing the risk of developing a gunshy dog.

Misc. Dog Supplies that every hunter will find useful, such as travel supplies, training books, dog ramps, and marsh stands, among others.

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