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Gunners Up Retriever Training Products

Gunners Up was founded by Richard Davis, a retriever training enthusiast who was looking for a better, more economical way to train his dogs.  Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he grew tired of paying for expensive help when it came to running drills in the field.  As a dog owner / hunter / trainer who has been active in Hunt Test & Field Trials for over 15 years, it is safe to say that Davis has a keen understanding of the unique needs of dog owner / trainers.  

In addition to training retrievers, Davis is employed in the fitness industry manufacturing home gyms, stationary bikes, and fitness accessories.  These products are manufactured with steel, aluminum, electronics, and surgical tubing.  It is with the knowledge and skills gained from working with these materials that the rugged and durable Gunners Up products were built, such as the Gunners Up Remote Bird Launcher.  

The goal of Gunners Up as a company is to make retriever training more accessible to all types of people.  The more people that can be involved in the sport thanks to economical training options, the better the chances that retrievers and their associated activities will continue to flourish.

Products like the remote launcher are designed to become an integral tool in retriever training programs, and are intended to help hunters reach their competitive goals without going bankrupt.  Numerous designs are available, with the most recent offerings compatible with Garmin electronics.  Other high-quality Gunners Up products include all forms of stickmen, such as the utilitarian, adjustable height version, as well as the diamond stickman.  A retired gunner is also available.  Accessories for bird launchers / wingers can be purchased, such as replacement parts, bird pouches, and launcher bags.  

When it comes to training your retriever, you deserve an affordable option that improves your bond with your dog, and Gunners Up is just the company to provide these solutions.  


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