Dog Crates / Kennels

Whether at home, in the car, or in the field a dog crate or kennel is a necessary item for ensuring your dog’s safety. As natural den dwellers, a dog that is properly conditioned to the kennel will even find this location most comfortable during times of both stress and rest. At HuntEmUp we have all of your dog crate/kennel needs covered. We offer Plastic Dog Crates that are perfect for travel, particularly by airplane, as well as Wire Dog Crates that are ideal for use in your home. If you are looking for the safest and most durable option, consider an Aluminum Dog Box or Metal Dog Crate that is virtually indestructible, yet fully portable. If convenience is your main goal, we also offer Folding/Collapsible crates that can be easily taken down and stored.

Kennel accessories include Crate Fans & Cooling solutions for transport during warm weather, as well as Kennel Crate Covers to keep your dog warm and dry. Don’t forget a Kennel Pad, which will keep your dog’s joints safe and pain-free.

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