YBS Media

YBS Media

YBS (Youngblood Broadcast Services) Media was co-founded by Jerry and Barbara Younglove to share their love of retrievers and retriever training with the world.  Their interests include hunting, fishing, camping, and gardening – activities which their retrievers have always accompanied them.  The Youngloves developed a fascination for the retriever breed, including their willingness to learn and their impressive intelligence.  This enjoyment of the breed led them to the world of competitive working retrievers, a field in which they have enjoyed massive success.  To date, they have trained eight field champions in the United States and Canada and have bred an additional four field champions.  In 2012 they were both finalists in the United States National Amateur Championship, the only husband and wife team to ever achieve this honor.  

Throughout the past forty years the Younglboods have been introduced to the best and brightest dog trainers in the country.  Jerry’s extensive background in the television industry led him to the idea of asking professional dog trainers to share their training knowledge in the form of books and DVDs.  

For the past 20+ years, YBS Media has led the industry in dog training materials.  From step by step instructions for the novice dog handler to guides for experienced trainers working towards competitive field trials, obedience, hunt tests, and hunting dog training, there is a product sure to fit everyone’s needs.  Authors in the YBS Media family include world renowned trainers such as Jackie Mertens, Mike Lardy, Dave Rorem, Rex Carr, Connie Cleveland, and Dennis Voigt.  

One such YBS Media must-have is the Total Retriever Marking with Mike Lardy DVD and Manual.  This extensive DVD set takes dog owners / trainers through everything they need to know about marking from the time the dog is a puppy until he or she is advanced in these skills.  Throughout the DVD Mike Lardy provides field demonstrations and discussions to make the topic of marking easy to follow and understand.  The included manual provides definition, diagrams, and detailed information to support the information provided in the DVD, which represents just one of YBS Media’s masterpieces.  


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