Total Retriever Marking with Mike Lardy DVD & Manual
Total Retriever Marking with Mike Lardy DVD & Manual

Total Retriever Marking with Mike Lardy DVD & Manual




Total Retriever Marking with Mike Lardy DVD & Manual

This DVD set covers marking from puppies through advanced training. Mike uses field demonstrations and evening  discussions to describe a complete sequential marking program and to explore a wide variety of marking topics.

Fireside discussions with Mike Lardy expand on the marking concepts in each DVD. These discussions cover commonly asked questions from both FIELD TRIAL and HUNT TEST perspectives.

A comprehensive manual includes introductory remarks, clarifying comments, definitions, diagrams and detailed information on various topics. The manual supports the dvds and details important concepts in sidebars throughout the manual.



  • Using this Manual and the DVDs
  • Index to Side-Bar Topics
  • Principles of Training
  • Training Sequence

SECTION I Puppy Through Basics – DVDs


Progressing on Land

  • Introduction To Retrieving
  • Introduction to Gunner-thrown Marks
  • Yard Multiples (manual only)
  • Walking Singles
  • Singles Off Multiple Guns
  • Introduction to Retired and Hidden Gun (manual only)
  • Teaching Doubles
  • Progressing on Doubles (manual only)
  • Delayed Triple

Progressing on Water

  • Introduction to Water Retrieves
  • Introduction with Gunner-Thrown Marks
  • Stretching Them Out
  • Simple Re-entries
  • Conventional De-cheating
  • Simple Water Doubles
  • Right Start for Puppies
  • Use of Eyes and Nose
  • Scent Discrimination
  • Types of Birds and Bumpers
  • Gun Shyness
  • Steadiness
  • Standards at the Line
  • Voice at Line
  • Lack of Birdiness
  • Aggressive Bird Handling
  • Camouflage vs. White on Guns
  • Introduction of Collar in the Field
  • Progressing Water before Cheating Singles
  • Evaluating Potential of Young Dogs
  • Physical Evaluation of Young Dogs


SECTION II Transition – DVD 2

Mechanics of Running a Dog

Progressing on Water

  • Cheating Singles
  • Re-entry Cheating Singles
  • Cheaters As Memory Birds


Progressing On Land (manual only)

  • 2-Sided Heeling
  • Desire and Fire
  • Use of Flyers
  • Attrition
  • Note Taking
  • Cover Cheating
  • Training Sequences
  • Use of Hand and Other Cues


SECTION III Advanced – DVD 3&4

Land Set-Ups

  • Long Retired Gun Double
  • Long Retired Gun Triple
  • Secondary Selection
  • JP Triple
  • Pre-Trial Triple


Water Set-Ups

  • Retired Gun Down the Shore
  • Eraser Bird Triple
  • Bulldog Triple
  • Stupid Water Quad
  • White Coats and Hunt Tests
  • Testing vs. Training
  • Connection of Blind Retrieve and Marking Training
  • Praise
  • When to Help, Handle, Call back
  • Readiness for Competition
  • Trial or Test Scheduling
  • Natural Marking




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