Avery Duck Dog Basics II DVD with Chris Akin
Avery Duck Dog Basics II DVD with Chris Akin

Avery Duck Dog Basics II DVD with Chris Akin





Duck Dog Basics II – Duck Dog Basics 2

After your duck dog has mastered basic obedience and retrieving skills, it is time to develop a finished dog. ?The Avery Duck Dog Basics II DVD with professional dog trainer Chris Akin enables amateur dog trainers to improve their handling skills through the development of T drills and enhancing the dog?s comfort with hand signals.?

Christ Akin, owner of Webb Footed Kennels in Arkansas, is widely considered one of the best retriever trainers of our generation. ?His credentials include more than 100 AKC Master Hunters and HRC Grand Champions, as well as the designation as being the first handler to win two Super Retriever Series Crown Championship awards. ?

With the Avery Duck Dog Basics II DVD you will be able to take your dog?s training to the next level. ?This DVD is 3 hours long and has three chapters:

  • Preparation for the Advanced Duck Dog
  • Building and Developing the Land T
  • Building and Developing the Water T

In these chapters you will learn the tools needed for advanced duck dog training, as well as fun training drills. ?You will be able to teach your dog water honesty while also learning the proper way to use the e-collar. ?When you are finished with this DVD, your retriever will be easier to handle in the field and look to you for direction. ?



Duck Dog Basics – Avery Duck Dog Basics w/Chris Akin – Duck Dog Basics DVD – Duck Dog Basics Video


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