WetMutt is a company dedicated to producing a better crate mat that is  designed to provide comfort and convenience to both pet and owner.  The WetMutt crate pad can be used in any setting, such as in a dog’s crate, by the pool, or in a tree stand.  The many unique and innovative features of the crate mat – such as the antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties – make this product a no-brainer nearly every canine situation.  Above all, this cushioned pad perfect for travel.  

What exactly is a WetMutt crate pad / bed?  This revolutionary product is specifically designed to fit conveniently inside a crate, but offers so much more than simple cushioning.  There are two sizes to choose from:  28’’ x 18’’ and 34’’ x 22’’.  In addition, many colors are available to fit your individual style and preference.  These include blaze orange, navy blue, olive green, and Real Tree camo.  

The benefits of a WetMutt crate pad are diverse.  Unlike many other “waterproof” products, this crate mat is truly 100% waterproof thanks to closed cell foam construction which also imparts antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.  If you are potty training a puppy or have an incontinent senior pet, the WetMutt crate pad is ideal because it is extremely easy to clean.    This product is also shock absorbent, meaning it is beneficial for dogs with arthritic joints or elbow pressure sores.  The WetMutt crate pad is perfect for travel, as it reduces the bumps your pet will experience while on the road.  

The durability of the WetMutt crate pad is unparalleled.  It has high durability against wear and abrasion as well as high tear strength.  It will never crack or peel, and it is UV resistant meaning it can be used outdoors and in direct sunlight without compromising the product’s strength.  In addition, the crate pad is made from material that is PVC and AZO dye free, which makes this product completely safe and non-toxic for pets.  

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