Mendota Products

Mendota Products

Mendota Products is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota and has been producing high-quality, handmade dog leashes and similar products in the United States since 1994.  What makes Mendota Products stand apart from other dog product manufacturers?  These leashes are built to last, and indeed are guaranteed for the entire life of your pet.

The strength of Mendota Products lies in the materials that are used, as well as the manufacturing process.  Leashes, check cords, and slip leads are made from multifilament polypropylene and nylon webbing that provide superior strength and durability.  This material is both waterproof and colorfast.  There is no loss in performance when these materials get wet, and no worrying they might break or tear.  The bright colors do not fade thanks to UV coating, which also protects from photo-induced decay.  Mendota Products pays attention to every little detail, ensuring the leashes feeling “broken in” to the touch, making them easy on hands and simple to fold and fit into a field bag, vest, or coat pocket.  To strengthen splices, full-grained and oil tanned leather is used.  The hardware on all Mendota Products leashes is made from non-corrosive bright brass.  With the superb attention to even the smallest design detail, it is easy to see why dog products from Mendota can’t be beat.

The Mendota Products dog leashes that are offered here include the British Style Slip Lead, Check Cords, and the Training Tab.  The Mendota British Style Slip Lead is available in both 4’ and 6’ lengths, and is ideal when an all-in-one collar and lead is needed for quick corrections and control.  The Mendota Check Cord is available in 30’ and 50’ lengths, and is the top choice of professional dog trainers when teaching recall and retrieval to hand.  The Mendota Training Tab is 16’’ long and useful for steadying and control exercises.  

Regardless of which product you choose, you should rest assured knowing you can trust the quality USA craftsmanship for the duration of your dog’s life.  

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