E-Collar Technologies Inc.

E-Collar Technologies Inc.

E-Collar Technologies Inc. was founded by Greg Van Curen, originally the president of Innotek, Inc in the 1990’s.  The mission of E-Collar Technologies Inc. is to create innovative technology that utilizes low levels of stimulation to guide dogs towards positive behaviors, instead of using high levels of anxiety-inducing corrective stimulation.  

Each electronic dog training collar is designed to give a precise and predictable low level of stimulation.  The products from E-Collar Technologies Inc. rely on patented technology that mimics a human muscle stimulator used in rehabilitation and physical therapy settings.  This innovation has been proven to reduce anxiety during training, as well as enhance the effectiveness of e-collar training.  In combination with positive reinforcement, low-level stimulation e-collar training can be an enjoyable experience for both dog and owner.  

At E-Collar Technologies Inc., the long-term mission is to produce products entirely in the US while keeping quality high and prices affordable.  An E-Collar Technologies Inc. purchase directly supports American manufacturing.  

Each E-Collar Technologies Inc. product has a COS (control of stimulation) feature that enables the dog owner / trainer to determine the best stimulation for his or her dog, regardless of the animal’s temperament.  Gone are the days of painful head jerking when a correction is administered.  

Multiple stimulation levels are available on each collar, and safety mechanisms allow the user to lock in the specified level in order to avoid the risk of accidental overstimulation.  A backlit LCD screen is standard on all products to provide a convenient way of always knowing the stimulation level.   

In addition to American testing and manufacturing, E-Collar Technologies Inc. offers a 2 year Lifetime Limited Warranty on their products.  Not that you will ever need it – most e-collars from this impressive company are rated to withstand pressures at 500’ below sea level, as well as G-forces up to 5000.  There is no doubt these are the toughest training collars in the world!


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