Hound Heater

Hound Heater

Extreme weather is dangerous for pets, both hot and cold, get help with Hound Heater.  Many hunting breeds struggle to stay comfortable outdoors, particularly during the winter for dogs with short coats, or during the summer for those with thick double-coated fur.

Hound Heater products are designed to keep your pet comfortable, no matter the weather conditions.  Since 1988, they have produced a number of quality items which include both air conditioning and heating units.  These products have quickly become the industry standard.  Pet owners and kennel operators alike trust Hound Heater thanks to the safety, energy efficiency, and ease of installation that the company provides with their merchandise.  

Hound Heater products include heating units, air conditioning units, combination units, and on-the-go cooling and heating solutions.  The original product, the Hound Heater Classic, is newly designed and able to heat areas up to 16 cubic feet both safely and efficiently.  

Combination products are also available that are designed to keep your pet warm on cold days, and cool during hot weather.  For instance, the Hound Heater Heat-N-Breeze is a compact and durable product that changes from hot to cold with a flip of the switch.  

When you are on the go, such as in the field or at a hunt test, it is important to keep your dog’s body temperature stable.  Portable products include the Hound Cooler, which is a battery operated cooling device that lowers your dog’s core temperature.  It can be used after a walk, sporting event, retrieve, or any time that your dog requires overheating prevention.  Similarly, the Hound Warmer Deluxe is a convenient travel warmer that can be placed in a crate, dog bed, or in the backseat of a vehicle.   

Whether you require heating, cooling, or portability, they have a solution for your needs.  Better yet, all Hound Heater products are reliable, do not waste energy, are rated among the safest on the market, and are guaranteed to last for years.  

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