Hound Cooler
Hound Cooler

Hound Cooler


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Hound Cooler by Hound Heater

Hound Cooler Portable cooling pad designed for your Dog. 

  • Effectively cools a dog after hunting, exercise, walks etc.
  • Keeps dogs cool during travel.
  • Very portable, comes with a handy cooler with built-in battery pack.
  • Adapts to any cooler in minutes.
  • Powered by 4 “D” cell batteries (6-volt) for 75 hours or simply plugs into your cigarette lighter (12-volt).
  • Very comfortable cushioned pad.
  • Only “active” cooling system made.
  • Chew proof tubing cover.
  • Easily cleaned – wipes up clean.
  • Actual size is a full 11″ x 22″.
Keep them cool at Home, Hunt Test, Field Trial or any Sporting Dog Event.


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