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Nuisance barking can be a real problem for pet owners and hunters alike. At HuntEmUp we offer a complete range of items to thoroughly address this problem. We offer the most trusted brands in canine electronics, as well as no shock spray solutions. These products represent the most technologically advanced and humane products on the market. Features such as persistent bark protection, dual vocal cord and noise detection, and accelerometer vibration sensors keep your pet safe while addressing excessive barking. Simply program the collar to administer the appropriate level of correction and allow the technology to take over.

For dog owners who wish to use a non-electronic method to control barking, there are collars available here that administer a corrective spray of citronella (or other non-toxic, harmless substance) to the dog’s face instead of static stimulation. Whatever your preference, you are sure to find the perfect no-bark collar for your needs.

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