SportDog Rechargeable Bark Control

SportDog Rechargeable Bark Control SBC-R


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SportDog Rechargeable Bark Control SBC-R

Are you having difficulty controlling your dog’s nuisance barking?  With the SportDog Rechargeable Bark Control SBC-R, dog owners are able to fully customize the type of bark control that is best for their dogs.

SportDog has long been at the forefront of innovation in electronic dog training equipment, and the NoBark SBC-R is just one example.  This no bark collar utilizes digital bark detection technology and is the most advanced bark detection system to ever be put on the market.  With the NoBark SBC-R your dog will never be unfairly corrected again due to another dog’s barking or an external noise.  

The SportDog NoBark SBC-R has 10 levels of static stimulation and can be used in one of three programmable modes.  These options are temperament learning, progressive correction, and a user-selected setting.  With the SBC-R, teaching your dog not to bark has never been easier!

The temperament learning mode is an automatic setting where static stimulation begins at the lowest level (1) and then increases to each consecutive level until the dog ceases barking for more than 30 seconds.  The collar remembers the last level of static stimulation that was required, and the next time the dog barks, correction begins at this level.  This mode is ideal for the dog owner that is unsure which level would be appropriate for his or her pet.

Progressive Correction mode is similar to Temperament Learning, except instead of correction starting at the last level that was required to stop the dog from barking, the collar resets to the lowest level of stimulation after each barking episode.  Therefore, the collar will progressively increase stimulation as the dog keeps barking, but every new occurrence will start over at the lowest stimulation level.  

In user-selected mode, the dog owner chooses the level of static stimulation,, and this level of correction does not change until manually adjusted.  

Due to the advanced bark detection technology, the SportDog SBC-R is great for both single dogs and animals in a multi-dog setting.  The rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a short recharge time (2 hours) but a long battery life, at 200 hours.  The built-in safety feature ensures your dog is not overcorrected and will automatically shut off for 30 seconds if more than 15 barks are detected within an 80 second time period.  


  • Advanced bark correction
  • Long and standard contact points
  • 10 levels of static stimulation
  • Temperament learning mode
  • Progressive correction mode
  • User-selected mode
  • For dogs 8+ lbs
  • Fits neck size 5’’ – 22’’
  • Built-in safety feature
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  • 200 hour battery life
  • Waterproof and submersible to 10 feet