Avery 2" Canvas Bumper - Dog Training Dummy
Avery 2" Canvas Bumper - Dog Training Dummy

Avery 2″ Canvas Bumper – Dog Training Dummy

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Avery Canvas Bumper Small 2 ” Dia. – Small Dog / Puppy Training Dummy

The Avery Canvas Bumper Small is a great product for introducing scent to your young dog while practicing marks and retrieves.  Canvas is the perfect material for injecting or transferring scent into, and the 2’’ diameter is best for small dogs or puppies.  Each bumper is wrapped in a rugged 900D DuraMax cover and has a center weight for level flotation.  These bumpers will never take on water due to their valve-less design.  An attached, 10’’ braided throw rope enables longer throws for marks and retrieves, while the firmness of the bumper discourages a hard mouth.

There are three colors available:  white, orange, and flasher.  The white bumper is most popular, as it is visible against most backgrounds.  The orange bumper is a great choice for blind retrieves, since dogs cannot distinguish this color.  Finally, the flasher (half black and half white) is high-visibility for dogs and ideal for mark training.


  • 900D DuraMax cover
  • 10’’ braided throw rope
  • Center weighted
  • Level flotation
  • Will not take on water


  • 2’’ x 10’’
  • Available in orange, white, or flasher

2″ is great for normal training or for younger smaller dogs.


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