Dokken's Shed Antler Training Book
Dokken's Shed Antler Training Book with Tom Dokken  - Shed Dog

Dokken’s Shed Antler Training Book with Tom Dokken – Shed Dog


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Dokken’s Shed Antler Training Book with Tom Dokken – Shed Dog

Shed dog training book by Tom Dokken

Tom Dokken is a world renowned shed dog trainer and now his training methods can be easily followed at home, no matter your dog training experience level.  His book, Training Your Dog to Hunt for Shed Deer Antlers, will help you develop your dog into a successful shed antler hunter.

Shed antler hunting is one of the fastest growing canine sports in the United States.  Thanks to the highly sensitive noses of dogs, shed antler hunting is easy, fun, and highly rewarding for you and your dog.  This book can even be used to train non-hunting breeds.

The topics covered in this guide include Elementary Education, in which you will learn how to introduce your dog to shed antler hunting inside your house or outdoors. 

The section on Secondary Education will describe scent drills for teaching your dog how to use his or her nose to find shed antlers in the field. 

In Higher Education, Dokken will describe four drills you can use at home to help finish your dog’s shed antler hunting training.

The chapter on Continuing Education is useful for continuing your dog’s training and keeping his or her shed antler hunting skills sharp outside of hunting season. 

The additional information you will learn includes where to look for shed antlers, with Dokken providing tips and tricks from his personal experience.  What to expect when using a dog to hunt shed antlers will help even the most novice of dog owners be prepared when hunting for the first time.  You will also learn what to do with shed deer antlers to ensure you make the most of your antler haul.  Tom Dokken will describe the fun of using a dog to hunt for shed antlers, as well as tips for making the most out of your dog’s abilities, no matter which breed you own.  Finally, you will also learn information about North American Shed Hunting Dog Association, which is the governing body for this quickly growing sport.