100' Bulk Rubber Tubing

100′ Bulk Rubber Tubing (Heavy Duty) – Winger Launcher Tubing

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Winger Launcher Tubing – 100′ Bulk Rubber Tubing (Heavy Duty)

Available in lots of 25, 50 and 100 Ft. This rubber tubing is the same used on all Winger types.

This premium black rubber compound is made to fit perfectly through the Winger’s pulley for better performance. The rubber tubing’s thick walls provide the incredible stretch that is required to propel the birds high and far.

Can be used with manual and remote Winger brands. Available in heavy duty (5/32″ wall) for longer life and performance.

Shipped in 25′ Lengths


Recommended lengths as follows:

Zinger II Tubing Length – 28″

Mini Z?Tubing Length – 25″

H Tester?Tubing Length – 2010 G4 or newer-38″ or Older Hunt Testers-42″

Field Trialer?Tubing Length -32″

Gunners Up Original Tubing Length – 35″

Gunners Up SOG Tubing Length – 27″


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