DogBone - Gun Dog Game Recovery Training
DogBone - Gun Dog Game Recovery Training DVD

DogBone – Gun Dog Game Recovery Training DVD




Gun Dog – DogBone Game Recovery Training DVD

DogBone – Gun Dog Game Recovery Training Many states have now legalized the use of tracking dogs recovering wounded big game animals. Jeremy Moore has developed a complete training system for tracking dogs to recover wounded big game animals. Combining a structured program with his own line of scent-training products, Jeremy shows how to bring out the tracking instinct and develop a dog’s desire to stay with the track despite various obstacles, resulting in successful game recovery under all conditions.
46 mins.

Made in USA.


  • Instructional DVD featuring professional dog trainer Jeremy Moore
  • Teach your dog to track and recover wounded game

Basic beginning steps through the finished product



ieving System Kit:

    • 1 Dog Training Shed Antler
    • 2 oz. Deer Scent for Training
    • DogBone Shed Training Manual/bookle


      • Complete Shed Antler Training Kit
      • Easy way to training your hunting or sport dog to hunt for shed antlers
      • An Effective and easy to use transitional dog training dummy
      • Provides a safe and confidence building introduction to the antler shape
      • Made in the USA

      Shed Antler Size and Dimension:

      • Weight: .83 LBS
      • Size (approximately): 6.44in x 6.33in x 3 inches

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